What are Vegan Super Green Powders? Marketing hype, or an essential daily stack?

Today we get down and dirty with one of the most undervalued supplements on the market: Super Greens Powders. What are they, why do you need them – do you even need them?

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Super greens powders, also known as super food powder, are a relatively new kid on the block. But that doesn’t mean they’re not having a massive impact on the supplementation world – because they are. In fact, they’re taking it by storm. 

You just have to spend a quick 5 minutes scrolling through your favorite fitness Instagram pages to be bombarded with pictures of dark green drinks, being drunk by people in leggings and muscle vests (different people usually, but we don’t judge), all looking very pleased with themselves. But what are these nondescript green drinks, and why do these people look so pleased with themselves?

It’s important questions like these that we intend to identify, answer and clarify right here, right now. By the time we’re done here today you are going to be completely well-versed in all there is to know about what a Vegan Super Green powder is, which is the best, and if you do actually need it in your diet.

So, without any further ado – are you ready to get started?

Fantastic, let’s do this.

What are Vegan Super Greens?

We’ll start with the big questions.

Vegan Super Greens Powders are powdered forms of some of the most common superfoods out there. With Spirulina, Wheatgrass and brocolli powder usually making an appearance.

Although you will never be able to replace your vegetable intake with a Super Greens powder, you can absolutely help lessen the blow of missing out on your veggies. Just throw a scoop of it in your morning shake or smoothie, and boom – you’ve got all that good stuff.

In addition to helping you reach your fruit and vegetable macros, there are a lot of other benefits to using a super green powder. It’s time for some bullet points:

  • Provide a strong source of antioxidants to help protect against ‘free radicals’
  • Can increase satiety and help keep cravings at bay throughout the day
  • What it often lacks in taste and looks it makes up for with the nutrient smack it provides
  • Helps to restore the PH balance in your body to that of a more ‘Alkaline’ state. This has shown evidence to help protect against cancers, high cholesterol, diabetes, stroke and a whole bucket load of other stuff you don’t want.


“Does this mean I can stop Eating Vegetables?”

Short answer – “No”. So keep eating your veggies.

Although Super Greens powder does contain a whole host of really amazing ingredients (depending on the one you choose – more on that later), it is definitely not a replacement for a balanced diet. Vitamins and Minerals that are lost in processing, as well as fibre, are all things that you will sorely miss if you continue to lack in the veg department.

What it IS, however, is a fantastic way to incorporate ingredients into your diet that you would otherwise think were completely disgusting. Take Spirulina for example – the dark-green/blue algae superfood that’s been around since the earth was invented (almost). Everyone knows that it smells of fish and stains everything, but put it alongside some plant-based superfoods in a powder, and suddenly, it seems to be a little more palatable.

“What do I need to look for when Choosing a Super Greens Supplement?”

Well I’m glad you asked.

Much like most of your supplement-shopping, this will depend entirely on what your goals, aims, allergies and existing diet looks like.

Every product has its own formula, and you should never fail to read the label closely before taking a new supplement for the first time. With every new formula comes a whole host of different ingredients and potential allergens. It is very important that you bear this in mind and pick one that works with your body.

We did some digging, and Nutritionist Jenny Tschiesche of lunchboxdoctor.com gave these nuggets of advice:

  • Antioxidants: These will come in the form of individual ingredients. Such as fruit extracts, which are high in antioxidants.
  • Fibre: This is very important to look after your gut, and help to move digested, and undigested, food through the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Digestive Ezymes: These are supplementary enzymes that support your body’s own gut microflora to help break down the food that you eat and extract the nutrients effectively.
  • Algae or Seaweed: Undoubtedly, these are the ingredients that make the ‘Super Green’ Green. packed full of phytonutrients, the most common types are Spirulina and (Cracked Cell Wall) Chrlorella.
  • Greens: This goes without saying, always make sure that these come from natural sources. Common sources are powdered form of spinach, parsley and broccoli.

“Okay, cool. I think I’m ready to try this”

Awesome news! Incorporating a Super Greens product in to your daily shake or supplement stack is a really good way to ensure you’re increasing, or just getting enough nutrients in your daily diet. Furthermore, being a good source of fibre and digestive enzymes, the benefits go a lot further than simply increasing your natural vitamin and mineral intake.

So if you’re ready to give these a go, take a look at this list of some of the best Greens Products I could find:

Here are Nutral’s top 9 Best Vegan Super Greens Powder Supplements:


Hopefully what we’ve gone in to here has shed at least a little bit of light on to the deep, green, world of Super Green Supplements. 

The fact of the matter is, these little pots of goodness come in all different shapes and sizes, however they all do some very important things to your diet. Hopefully you now feel a little more confident giving one of them a try!

Until next time!


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