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Are you interested in stocking Exceed in your Gym or Shop?


Build your customer demographic, reach new markets that may have previously not considered your outlet for their supplementation.


Achieve total customer satisfaction. Start stocking everything that your customer requires and become a one-stop-shop.


Exceed your targets, profits, and customer expectations by stocking one of the fastest growing Vegan protein products on the market today.

We want you to succeed.

So let’s do this together.

Our goal and mission is really simple: –

To provide the highest quality products, produced in the most ethical, natural and sustainable way possible, for the people who demand the best.

We understand how challenging it can be running a supplement business in today’s incredibly competitive marketplace. It seems that everyone is an expert, and the majority of your customers know what they want before they even walk in the door. But what if you were failing to stock a product that could, in fact, increase your customer base and bottomline profit?

You need to be stocking one of the fastest-growing Vegan protein brands in the country. 

Exceed from Nutral is one of the only vegan protein brands

Google trends for ‘Vegan Protein’ over the last 5 years:

Vegan Term Google Trends

The interest in Vegan Protein is currently the highest it has been in over 5 years, and continues to gain interest year on year!

When running a Health business or a gym, You need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Fortunately, we do all the hard work of market and product research for you. 

When you decide to take Exceed on as a product in your health food shop or gym, you can rest assured that you are investing in a product that has been validated by the market many times over, is manufactured to a class-leading standard and has customers coming back for more and more! In addition to this, as a preferred distribution partner, you receive all the support you need from Nutral to help get Exceed flying off your shelves as quickly as it was delivered to them!

An amazing opportunity. Not to be missed.

We want to ensure that all of our distributing partners and channels are as passionate about the industry as we are. For this reason, we ask a small amount of information from our interested applicants in order to ensure we are all on the same page.

For brick and mortar stores, and geographic exclusivity, we work on a first come first serve basis. So, for example, if two shops wanted to take on Exceed in the same city, then it will come down to the first shop having priority, pending the other sales conditions and metrics.

Here’s What you can expect from us:

Our distributing partners are one of the core backbones of our business. We want you to succeed as much as you want to succeed yourselves. For this reasons we have put together many attractive benefits to becoming distributing partners of Exceed:

Geographic Exclusivity

If you have a shop in a town, then we will not approve a competing shop with a 5 mile radius to also sell Exceed. This is to ensure that your customer base stays loyal, and people know where to go to find the products that they want.

MSRP and Price Freezes

We will never undercut our distributors. We want you to make a consistent profit on your investment. This is why we will always stick to our MSRP. We ask all distributors to respect this rule also, and uphold the value of Exceed.

Priority Stock Delivery

We know just how unpredictable orders can be at certain times of the year. This is why we offer a Priority Stock Replenishment to our distribution partners. If you feel that you are getting low in certain SKU’s, then we can get these shipped out to you same day (warehouse stock permitting) so that you can keep fulfilling your orders and keep your customers happy!

Drop Ship and Affiliate Options

Yep! You don’t even have to find room for Exceed on your shelves in order to become a distributor. If you are running an online shop, then we can get you set up as part of our online distributor network. This means that all orders that you generate from your site can get sent straight to us to fulfil on your behalf! Selling Exceed is literally so easy.

Professional Content Packs

We are always investing in professional photo, video and lifestyle imagery of Exceed. These are all images that you will get full access to as part of our distribution network. You may use these images in any way that you wish to help you connect with your audience, and even re brand them to fit in with your theme!

Dedicated Account Manager

If you have any issues with Exceed, then we want to get them sorted as quickly as you do. This includes getting replacement units out to you or your customer as quickly as possible, and resolving all customer related troubles. Furthermore, your dedicated account manager will touch base monthly to offer you help and guidance to ensure you are completely satisfied with how Exceed is selling.

Stock Buy-Back

Following your investment, if you feel that Exceed is not selling as well as you had hoped, then we offer a Stock Buy-Back scheme. As long as it is 3 months following your initial delivery, and the products are unused and within 6 months of their BBE, we will buy the stock back off you (subject to a 20% restocking fee).

Become Part of Something Big

The Nutral brand and Exceed is growing each day. We are constantly putting out new content and outreach to connect with new markets all over the world. Our brand exposure is continuously growing, and by stocking Exceed, you can be sure that your brand perception will grow as well. We want all of our partners to succeed, so we work hard to ensure you have everything you need.

It Gets better. Plant-Based Product Purchases over the last year:

Number of Plant Based Products over time Graph

(Graph Source) People purchasing plant-based products is now at an all time high as well!

Let’s talk numbers:


Average Profit Margin.


Estimated Vegans in the UK.


Exceed Vegan Protein.

Are you interested in adding the fastest-growing Vegan Plant Based Diet Protein Supplement to your Product line up?

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