Learn the best forex trading strategies, and get the support you need to succeed in forex with the SOFX Traders Lounge.

The SOFX Traders Lounge is a private mastermind group designed to help everyone succeed in learning to trade forex.


Following on from the success of the SO FX training course, established forex education company SO FX has decided to open up their doors to a whole new market by offering their unparalleled training and support in the form of a mastermind group.

The Traders Lounge from SO FX is one of the best-featured forex mastermind groups that we’ve seen. If you’re looking to join a community of likeminded individuals that are as passionate about financial freedom as you are, then you need to be involved in The Traders Lounge.

The SO FX Traders Lounge – Get cutting-edge, professional market insights from the pros!

The SOFX Forex Traders Lounge Mastermind Support Group

We’re very excited about the SO FX Traders Lounge, and we believe that a lot of people will be able to benefit from the huge amount of value that they are providing. This is why we wanted to do a review of the service and a breakdown of the features that you can expect.

The great minds at SO FX have been hard at work on this one, crafting a monthly mastermind course that is clearly head and shoulders above anything else currently available on the market.

This product perfectly bridges the gap between free training that is available online on YouTube etc, and high-ticket courses that are also available.

If you’re looking for the perfect middle-ground course to take your understanding of trading the financial markets to the next level, then you need to join this mastermind group!

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

How will the Traders Lounge Help Me?

By gaining direct access to the thoughts and resources used by the professionals you’ll gain an instant edge over the markets. See what pairs are interesting them and why and be able to learn and implement that into your own trading.

What is covered in the weekly forecasts?

In our weekly forecasts, we give you our predictions on what we think the markets will do in the coming week across all relevant currency pairs.

When are the exclusive meetups?

We like to schedule monthly Traders Lounge huddles where we can all get together and talk forex in a relaxed, meeting like manor

What happens if I change my mind?

We only charge £1 for the first 30 days to ensure you find value from this group. If you decide trading isn’t for you along as you cancel before the 30 days is up you won’t be charged.


Hopefully, by now you will be able to see the massive value that is waiting for you in the SO FX Traders Lounge. This monthly mastermind has been put together to offer some absolutely massive value, and aims to truly support those that want to take their understanding of the financial markets to the next level.

Let us know if you sign up to the SO FX Traders lounge and what you thought!

Until next time, stay awesome!


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